Following the 2013 AGM, the commitee has amended the constitution and rules, which are presented below:

1.0 Name

1.1 The Group shall be called “The Tavistock Group of Artists.”

2.0 Aims

2.1 To stimulate interest in the Arts.

2.2 To provide facilities for pursuing these interests, both practical and theoretical.

3.0 Membership

Membership is open to anyone residing within a twenty mile radius of Tavistock. In special circumstances the Committee shall have the right to waive the territorial requirements.

3.1 Spouse/Partner Membership: Spouses/Partners are allowed to attend the programme events, but are not allowed to exhibit.

4.0 Privileges

A member may:-

4.1 Attend, speak and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

4.2 Attend all talks, practical sessions and social occasions.

4.3 Submit the Artist’s own work for selection for the Annual Summer Exhibition. These must not be copied from the work or photographs of others. New art work can have been exhibited in areas outside the PL19 postcode prior to The Annual Summer Exhibition. Once shown at the TGA Annual Summer Exhibition, artwork may only be re-submitted after an interval of three years.

4.4 Members may bring non-members to group meetings for which a small charge will be levied. Attendance at life classes is limited to full members only.

5.0 Subscriptions

5.1 Subscriptions shall be subject to annual review.

5.2 Subscriptions shall be payable at the enrolment evening in September. Members not re-registering at this Meeting may do so by sending their enrolment fee to the Membership Secretary, together with a stamped addressed envelope for return of a new Membership Card and Annual Programme Details.

5.3 Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if the subscription is not paid by 1st December.

6.0 Finance

6.1 The accounts shall be made up to the 31st March annually, verified and submitted at the AGM.

7.0 President and Honorary Members

7.1 The Group shall appoint a President and Vice President. These posts shall be for a period of three years. This duration could be extended if deemed necessary. The Vice President will automatically succeed the President when he or she retires, if agreeable. All former Presidents will become Honorary Life Members of The Group.

7.2 The Committee may grant other Honorary Life Memberships when appropriate.

8.0 Executive Committee

8.1 The Executive Committee shall be elected at the AGM.

8.2 The Committee shall consist of the following Office Bearers:

Vice Chairman
General Secretary
Exhibition Secretary
Membership Secretary
Programme Secretary
Publicity Secretary

Ordinary Members: Further members may be co-opted when necessary to assist in the smooth running of the TGA Committee.

8.3 The quorum of the Committee shall be one third of its full membership.

8.4 All Committee posts should be for the maximum of three years.

8.5 All Committee members will need to be re-elected by the Membership at the AGM if they wish to stand for re-election.

9.0 Annual General Meeting

9.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be in April or May.

9.2 The quorum for the AGM shall be twenty members, including Members of the retiring Committee.

10. Extraordinary General Meeting

10.1 An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee or by a group of not less than ten Ordinary Members. A full week’s notice must be given of the calling of such a meeting and a written agenda distributed to all group members before the Meeting.

11.0 Programme

11.1 The Programme Secretary/Secretaries and Committee shall be responsible for arranging a programme before the first meeting in September of each year.

12.0 Winding up The Group

12.1 In the event of the Group having to be wound up, any monies remaining after payment of all outstanding debts and any equipment belonging to the Group, shall be given to another Art Society or Charity as shall be decided at a General Meeting.