The aim of the group is to stimulate interest in the Arts and provide facilities for pursuing these interests, both practical and theoretical. All levels of creative experience and knowledge are encouraged by the group - from amateur to professional, from beginners to experienced artists.

Throughout the academic year, a programme of monthly meetings is held in Tavistock:

  • Demonstrations by local artists that are both informative and inspiring. The speakers share anecdotes, hints and tips, information on their working techniques as well as answering questions from the audience.
  • Practical sessions which offer the opportunity to explore new techniques - like texture in watercolour, working in stylised technique and using different mediums - oils, pastels, watercolour, etc. Lectures are focused on expanding and refreshing individuals’ familiarity with art history.
  • Life drawing sessions with a variety of models - including members and their pets, clothed and unclothed.

Membership includes both new and established artists – working in a diverse range of techniques, materials and styles. All share a common interest in art with desire to meet and mix with other artists. Members’ ages are as varied as their artistic styles - from youngsters in their seventies to experienced artists in their early thirties, with work produced by students from the local colleges displayed in our summer exhibition.

We enjoy expanding the mix of styles, techniques and materials used by our membership and always welcome new members. Guests are invited to join us for any of the TGA programme events.